SONY HXR-NX70 Live Capture

  • Hey! Anybody here who got experience with a Sony HXR-NX70 and Isadora? I have connected such a camera via USB, and Isadora doesn't recognize it. I have updated the camera to the last firmware, still no recognition. Last chance I have is to connect via the camera's HDMI out. I don't want to buy such a Cable just for the test, so I'm asking here first!

    Thank you, kindly


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    @SalimeloI I don't have experience with this particular Sony camera, but if it's like all the other Sony cameras, the USB is only for transferring media from camera to computer. If you want to get the live view of the camera into Isadora you'll need a couple of things: yes, the appropriate USB cable, but also a capture mechanism of some sort. HDMI connections on most computers are output only.
    What kind of computer have you got?

  • @mark_m: I have added my configuration to the footer of my profile. Can you tell me more about the capture mechanism? Do you have experience with the URSA Mini Pro, which I could get my hands on as well with a little luck?! Thank you :)

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    You need some sort of capture device to get video in to your computer, regardless of camera (except for, say, a USB webcam).  I don't know owt about Macs, so can't advise you on what would be suitable. Have a look at pg28 of the user manual.

  • @mark_m: Thank you!

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    What you need is something like this:

    Best Michel

  • @Michel: THX :)

  • @CitizenJoe: Thank you!


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