Latency of blackmagic ultrastudio 4k

  • We are actually working on a project with live camera feed. As we have close shot, the latency is an issue.

    We are working with "old" blackmagic ultrastudio, which have a latency of 280 millisecond. So i was wondering if somebody has experience with the ultrastudio 4k (in thunderbolt 2) and know if it has a lower latency. Or if somebody knows a similar device with low latency results.

    Thanks in advance

  • @zedociel I have used the ultrastudio and a bunch of different blackmagic capture devices and not had this latency. What is your interface, usb3, thunderbolt, or pcie. 

    Did you test the camera latency? You can film a screen with timecode with the camera you are testing and on another screen show the camera. Record these two screens with a phone or other camera (iphones can do high framearate this is helpful) and compare the delay between the real time timecode and the live feed of the camera.

  • Thanks for the advice.

    We use an ultrastudio express in thunderbolt(1). But you were right, the camera itself has a latency of 122 millisecondes. We pass through an atem to choose which camera we use (+20 milliseconde) and then, the capture itself has a 140 millisecond malus. 

    That split one problem in two problems.