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    Anyone tested a new MacBook Pro 2017? It has 4 USB-c ports, it means that can i link 4 hdmi output? And exist an hub usb-c to have more usb-c ports, To have more hdmi output... how many?

    And is the triple head compatible?

    I did an extreme test on a Mac Pro and 2 triple head, and I linked 10 Output video! And it works perfectly..!


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    At the moment i'd say this is still quite untested waters - a few users have used one or two I believe, but we do not have a full detailed report.

    I am not sure how the usb c hub would work with a video adaptor on it either. 

  • @FabioQE I have 2016 MacBook Pro with 4 USB C - very similar to the 2017 model. TripleHead2Go DP edition runs fine. I purchased a USB C to DisplayPort cable from Plugable to connect Macbook Pro to TripleHead this works very well.

    I've learnt that USB C hubs are a little tricky on OSX. I understand that you can only mirror the desktop and not extend it. Conversely, Thunderbolt 3 hubs can extend the desktop rather just mirror it. 

    Hope this is useful.

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    I have successfully run three displays with mine, using 2x Apple USB-C to VGA adapters and 1x Apple USB-C to HDMI adapter.

    When I tried to use a TripleHead with mine, the Matrox power desk software crashed once I connected three displays. However. it also crashed on my 2012 Retina machine under the same conditions.



  • I believe that having 4 HDMI displays will work I haven't tried it myself, but someone I know has run a show like that. I haven't had any issues with display adapters only mirroring the desktop, but the USB-C vs TB3 hub situation makes sense. Because the LG Ultrafine, and any over-4k display, requires two full DisplayPort busses, the dual-TB controllers on the MBP are designed to combine both of their DisplayPort busses into one output (here's a video about it). The only reason that Mac TB docks can support two independent outputs is because one of them will actually be coming from the DisplayPort Bus of the adjacent Thunderbolt port; thus, ultimately getting more than 4 displays on a MBP is not currently possible (except with something like a triple head or a videowall).

    They're not currently supported in OS X (though if you boot camp it'll work fine), but it looks like MST support may finally be coming in High Sierra (Someone claims to have it working with daisy-chaining, but plenty of people haven't). That would let you use a fairly cheap MST hub to break up one DisplayPort into multiple, natively-recognized outputs. Single-monitor solutions that use MST work fine, but daisy chaining and MST hubs would be new.

    Another option may be external GPUs. Again, they work fine in Windows via TB2 or 3, and High Sierra will certainly have support for them. Who knows how much that will handle (4 external GPUs with 4 displays each? And maybe even more with if MST works too? Hmmm...)

  • I have a Macbook, and want to use this 45w USB type c wall charger adapter,  and do you know 45w is good for my 2016 Macbook pro or not ?

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    Someone should go to a Mac store and ask them to hook one up to four monitors and see what happens.

  • I have a qlab show running with 4x USBC to HDMI adapters running at 1920x1080. All adapters are from Apple and they also have 1 USB and 1 USBC ports in addition to HDMI.  There's a USB to Ethernet, mouse and of course the power adapter plugged in through the HDMI adapters.

    The issue we discovered during previewews was that even while the power adapter was plugged-in  the battery drained due to playback demands.

    We had to make sure that the laptop was fully charged before the show as otherwise if the battery dropped too low, the laptop would switch to a very low performance mode, causing sound and video to be very choppy.

    I don't know if the power bottleneck is the HDMI adapter or the power adapter.

    A powered hub could solve the power issue, but I have not tested.  As it is I'm a bit beconcerned with the components failing over long time.

  • I've definitely seen the draining battery issue when charging through display adapters - because those adapters don't always (or even usually) pass the full 85 watts through. Plugging directly into the macbook itself 'fixed' it the one time I ran into it. That may be an issue with four display adapters connected, but something like this should deal with that (puts both displays on one physical port, and leave the other open for charging).