PC machines / CPU choice : more threads or more GHz

  • Hi,

    I am about to build a new desktop.
    I am wondering if it makes sence to buy a i7 CPU ( 8 threads ).
    Or if a faster i5 ( with 4 threads ).
    All this running win7 64.
    Thanks for your feedbacks !
  • Tech Staff

    Because Isadora doesn't support multi-threading (with the Lion and Mountain Lion it started not behaving like Mark intended) I think less threads and more GHz will be better in terms of Isadora.


  • Hi Michel,

    That's what I feel also. 
    On my i7 I never get use of the 8 threads, only 4 at a time ( witch are I guess the 4 cores ).
    That's why I'm thinking into buying a faster i5 !

  • On the other hand, I wonder if the additional threads help with all the other processes that are running at the same time as Isadora?  The OS and so on...

    Just a thought.



  • Hi,

    I will run only isadora on these machines, so no real other processes except OS.
    On my i7 I never managed to get anything else than the 4 cores getting used when only using isadora.
    That's why I'm thinking switching to faster i5.