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  • hello. Anybody.

    We try to setup different hid comform mices and they can not found in stream setup. We do check auto detect and uncheck ignor mouse.

    Also every mouse we check, is hid conform in win device manager.

    and the right mouse down/ up in stage mouse watcher doesn't work with all of them.

    It doesn't matter what button we press, it shows left down/ up on acrors output.

    Any ideas?


  • Izzy Guru


    Sorry the delay int he reply; all the team have been at the Isadora Werkstatt in Berlin.

    I will check this today - but do not have a 3D SpaceNavigator mouse. 


  • Izzy Guru

    Does this help?

  • @Skulpture

    Thx for your work. But we uncheck this box. And no change.

    We found no reasson for this.

    We also have the problem that the right mousebutton is not detected in stage mouse watcher. When we press it, it also shows trigger on left down/ up at the actors output side.

    So we test it on different win machines with latest izzy and win 10pro.

    Also all our touchpads in the laptops are not detected in sream setup and the rightclick on stage mouse watcher is shown as leftclick on output.

    Is it another win problem?

  • ....and no we also do not have such a mouse. We tryed it with ca. 7 other mices.

    Is it a problem with relativly normal mouse models, like logilink, logitech, microsoft..... ? But the stage mouse watcher rightclick normally must work with "normal" mouse models? 


  • Hello. On win 8.1 and izzy 2.2.2 the right mouse button works.!

    with all mousemodells we tested.

    but also the hid input detection does not work.

    is it one of the strange windows problems?


  • Tech Staff

    Please submit a bug report.

    I have been able to verify some issues with a HID game controller as well on my system.