Share your Stuff on the official Isadora Facebook page (Now Open to Visitor Posts)

  • Dear Community,

    After another fantastic Werkstatt, and seeing some of the great work you are all doing, we've decided to open the Facebook page so that visitors can make posts there. If you've done something with Isadora you want to share with the world, please post it on the official Isadora Facebook page. On October 1st, we're going to close down the Izzy Werkstatt page, because it was rarely used. Hopefully these actions will allow us to consolidate all the existing Facebook groups into one powerful channel.

    Right now, posts to the Isadora page will appear immediately. If we find that we have problems with spam, we'll change that to a moderated setting which will lead to some amount of delay between your post and the appearance. Hopefully that won't happen.

    Best Wishes,
    Mark + The TroikaTronix Team