KORG NANO KONTROL Studio - any experience?

  • Hi,

    I am thinking about buying KORG NANO KONTROL STUDIO (http://www.korg.com/de/product...) to manipulate video in ISADORA (instead of the KORG NANO KONTROL 2).

    Does anybody use it? Can you recommend it? What do you like about it? Or don't like?

    I use ISADORA 2.5.3b05 on MAC OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 and I am pretty new to ISADORA.

    Thanks a lot for your advice

    Anna (from Berlin)

  • i've been thinking the same as you. I use a NanoKontrol2 all the time and am thinking of upgrading to the Studio to free up a USB port on my MBP.  I'd like to hear how stable the Bluetooth connection is and how long the batteries last.

  • Personally I would always keep my controls connected with an USB, instead of using an bluetooth connection. But it will work with Isadora, since it will produce valid MIDI commands.

  • Tech Staff

    I also quite like this;


  • hi. I'm using nanokontrol studio for one year and it's very good product. 

    Fader are really better than nanokontrol 2. The jog is really useful (for me). 

    I can't give you return about Bluetooth. I only use USB connexion. I'm not ready to cut physical connexion...

    Best regards. 


  • @dbini

    these users' reviews (in german) say, that the bluetooth connection does not work very well


  • @celiomenard

    thanks a lot for you reply. there are some good reviews (in german) here as well https://www.thomann.de/de/korg...

    i will give it a try.

  • @anna_hd One of the reviews at Thomann mentions, that the controller starts flashing after a while of inactivity... 

  • Couple of things... I got one and it worked well, but the bluetooth failed after a week or so. My dealer (Sweetwater) replaced it quickly and the new one seems to work fine. The irritating-to-me sleep mode can be remedied by using the computer-based editor to turn off LEDs in the global tab. Other than winky feeling keys, it works fine. Small, light with some unexplored features.  - John

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