Izzy on Windows - any surprises?​

  • Hi folks.

    I haven't used Isadora on a windows machine for many years, but I'm currently building an installation and might have to go the PC route, so I'm weighing up my options.

    Can I check with the Izzy family first that what I want to do is easily doable on Windows?

    I need to get a video feed from a browser into Izzy. On Mac i would use Screen Capture Syphon and a Syphon Receiver Actor. Is there a Spout equivalent? 

    I also need to get a video feed from a Kinect 2 into Izzy. Normally I would use NIMate and Syphon, but if I'm working on PC I might try going down the Processing route. What video feeds can I get from Processing? I'm doing background extraction for a number of users simultaneously - preferably colour-coded users. (in NIMate I Syphon out the User ID Live Feed)

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    About the kinect story

    Go for Max 7 + dp.kinect2 for a really nice solution. Why don't you want to use NiMate ? It also works on windows :smile: 

    Regarding your other question. There is something called NDI Scan Converter that you can install and then use NDI to Spout to convert it back to a Spout Stream :smile: 

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    for the kinect you could use my Kinect2share utility (written in openframeworks).


    For the browser stream.. I would build a similar app in OF to share as spout the output from the awesomium browser (I have done this, but don't have a working project to share at the moment)

    Useful thread: http://spout.zeal.co/forums/to...

  • for browser the link posted by Dusx is  good, I've used for a show some time ago and it worked fine


    here direct link to a working application posted in spout's forum