Midi Fighter Twister User actors

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    During the werkstatt I got some requests for some user actors for the Midi Fighter Twister.
    I have a lot of user actors but most of them are not commented and some are not 100% reliable yet to put on the forum.

    Here you can find the 2 actors I use the most:

    MF Twister simple.iuaMF Twister 3FH Simple.iua

    Send and receive midi from the MF Twister. (the 3FH lets you set the amount of steps for precise control)
    Encoder buttons reset the value to 0 or if the value is 0 it sends 100%
    The normal simple also has a javascript actor that bundels all the data.

    Special Input:
    Bank select: go to bank on the midi fighter (midi output port has to be the same as the in put port)
    Direct send: 
    off : only send values if "send" is triggered
    on : always send values (also on entering scene)

    More info can be found in a commend inside of the user actor.

    If someone is interested in other user actors feel free to ask.
    Other actors include:
    For the MF Twister:  double knob function (2 values per knob), Has Detent function,...
    For the MF 3D:         button trigger individual, button index global, motion (global or for each button), Color feedback,...
    For the MF 64:         button trigger individual, button index global, color feedback,... (the MF 3D can also be used for the MF 64)

    Groeten Gertjan