PC Gear Recommendations, New PC build

  • Hi everyone!

    Actually I´m a Mac user but sometimes when running different applications at the same time I need more power.  So I've been thinking and looking around for building a new PC with customized gear.

    What are your recommendations about GPU, CPU, RAM, SSD, etc.

    Thank you very much for any help or input!

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    In what way do you 'need more power'?
    This may help to prioritize the specifications.

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    @arielwn said:


     In short; 

    GPU - GTX1070 and above. 

    CPU - i5 and above, but really an i7 just in case. 

    RAM - I'd say 32 gig is reasonable and quite cheap now too. 

    SSD - m.2 SSD hard drive. Something like a Samsung Evo. 

  • @arielwn depends on your budget, I got a 1080ti an am really glad I did @Skulpture is right, 32 gig of ram and for sure an m2 drive. I run 4 ssds in raid 0 for media playback. A black magic duo 2 is pretty useful (can be 4 inputs), an MST hub is a great way to get more outputs, a good sound card if you need audio, RME is super reliable. 

    Go for an over the top cooler and pay extra to change all your fans to low noise models, it is worth it. I barely hear my machine when I turn it on.

    The gigabyte gaming 7,8 and 9 with the z270 are good boards and are hackintosh compatibile if you want to go down that road. They are medium level consumer boards with good specs. If you want to go crazy with m2 raid and a lot of pcie cards look for another tier up motherboard, the shared resources will start to limit you.

    Chenbro make some compact rack cases if you want modularity. I got one of these and a pelican Strom case. All up it is 28 kilos so for some extra cash i can get it safely on a plane and wheel it out from the airport.

  • hello. Win and mac version of izzy are fundamental different. Be carefull while dream from powerPc. There are no real audio possibilities, no asio, no vst, no multichannel in and out via interface.

    The most mac user are used to do workarounds in oscillator, maxmsp, or othe mac only tools. So no critical mass of people miss this features on win.

    Also there are a lot of strange bugs in the win version, because of minimal different configured win pc's/ or win versions.

    So our main fight in every day work with izzy is to find infos about things which works not or more complicated on win.


  • @deflostn win version has a few bugs but they are avoidable. I just did 32 shows straight on my win system with no faults. Multichannel audio works great on windows with the direct show player، up to 8 discrete tracks no problem.

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  • Thanks for your replies, they are very useful . I will let you know how it goes 

  • @arielwn : Hello, I'm on the same researches, so, how did it go for you finally?