Interesting Potential Replacement for/Improvement over HAP

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    So, most of us doing high-performance, high-resolutoin work know that HAP is the way to go. But we also know the files are quite big. This paper comes from a company called binomal that is making a new GPU texture format that still produces high-quality results but gives sizes comparable to JPEG. They've submitted it to the Khronos Group (OpenGL Standards) to be accepted as standard. Nice read.

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  • Nice, I think there is a really lack of a good high quality GPU decoded codec, HAP is Ok, but has serious limitations for quality. If this actually gets to be a standard it will be great. In the meantime here is another runner that is not going thhrough the Kronos group, but is making some good progress

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    I read aboot the Daniel2 codec - it seems to have a lot of advantages.

    On the cinegy website I read "The only output wrapper we support at this stage is MP4 which is the most commonly used one for H.264 video."

    Do you think it is woth doing test series with mp4 vs HAP-Q coded videos fo exclusive use in Isadora?



  • @Fred  @mark

    GoPro have now made Cineform Open source: it's my mezzanine codec  of choice when I'm editing. It's wavelet based, lots of advantages in that, etc.  How would that be as a smaller file based alternative to HAP?

  • @mark_m

    Yes, that sounds interesting too. I should try it out, if the quality is the same as HAP-Q.