Interesting Potential Replacement for/Improvement over HAP

  • Dear HAP(py) Users + @Michel @Skulpture @DusX @mc_monte @crystalhorizon 

    So, most of us doing high-performance, high-resolutoin work know that HAP is the way to go. But we also know the files are quite big. This paper comes from a company called binomal that is making a new GPU texture format that still produces high-quality results but gives sizes comparable to JPEG. They've submitted it to the Khronos Group (OpenGL Standards) to be accepted as standard. Nice read.

    Best Wishes,

  • Nice, I think there is a really lack of a good high quality GPU decoded codec, HAP is Ok, but has serious limitations for quality. If this actually gets to be a standard it will be great. In the meantime here is another runner that is not going thhrough the Kronos group, but is making some good progress

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