• hello

    i have a video that has a wordcloud text on it and in the scene some of the text on the edges of the screen gets cut off. Is there a proper way to mask the edges of the video so that it softens the edges or creates a blur are that lest them seem to fade? I have not used masks in Isadora yet so i am wondering of anyone has had this experience yet or has a quick, elegant solution for me?
    thanks in advance
  • Tech Staff

    Here is a quick example using a shapes actor and the alpha mask actor.
    Note: it is important to use the 'GaussianBlur' (freeframe) actor and not the 'Gaussian Blur' actor, as this freeframe effect is much faster and allows you more freedom in blending.
    also note that I used the Text Draw actor to create text where I expect you have pre-rendered video footage (makes no difference since they are both rgb video outputs)
    and of course you can replace the Noise with your own background or solid color.

    I hope this helps, and I suggest playing around a bit with it.


  • thank you that worked perfectly, i switched the shape to oval and blurred it a bit.

  • Tech Staff

    glad to help.