"Movie player direct " vs. "movie player" performance

  • Hi out there
    sorry for a perhaps silly question:

    when trying to setup a sipmle movie-scratching-patch (i.e. mouse watcher to postition, speed:0) the  "Movie Player" won't react properly
    (the movie is 1024 x768 photo jpeg) whereas the "Movie Player Direct" does it acurate .... why?

    I'm really at a loss with it....
    as I/d like to fade between two films I'm trapped ...

    gracefull for every hint



  • Dear Mickey,

    What is the codec you are using for the clip? Photo JPEG? H264? And are you on Mac or PC?
    The Movie Player direct bypasses everything in Isadora, to render the movie directly to the stage. You'll notice, for instance, when using it, you can no longer do any fades. So it is efficient in a certain way, but you also lose some functionality when you use it.
    Best Wishes,

  • dear mark
    (early bird)

    the codec is PHOTO JPEG, the size is ca 10MB , the machine is mac ...

    the trouble starts with the first "backward" move:
    seems I can cheat that with the MoviePlayer speed set to 0,01 ...

    its really a mimimal patch:
    some tweeking of incomming midi from nI mate,
    a short fade bteween 2 films...projecting . need just to scratch the position of120 frames film

    the machine, that should perform..(for just one day ,-) )is:
    imac intel  core2duo / 2,16 4GB/ no core

    but i have the same trouble on my "uptodate" machine
    (imac i7 3,1 16GB)


  • to anybody who ecounters the same phenomenon:

    setting the movie speed to the lowest level (i.e. 0,1 or 0,01) will make the movie scratchable in both directions.