• Hi There,

    thanx for this great community  and the great Isadora tool that i'm learning more and more.
    I've been experimenting with the wiimote and thanx to vjskulpture's blog and patches for Osculator I've been able to control animations.
    Now, I can't seem to figure out yet how to directly control my mouse with the wiimote like this link from Chris Adams :
    And then detect the mouse position to trigger something.
    If you know where i can find example patches that will be great.
    Thank you all.

  • WiiMote to mouse must be archieved with DarwinRemote I think : http://blog.hiroaki.jp/2006/12/000433.html

    To trigger mouse movements inside Isadora go to Mouse/Keyboard and use MouseWatcher actor..


  • Izzy Guru


    Thanks for comments and glad my blog has been helpful.
    I would need to look into this, but I was wondering why OSCulator does not do this? I thought it did.....

  • osculator does link a wii to the mouse, see image for details.  i struggle to see how i would use this in isadora though. 3dccb3-mouse-osculator.tiff

  • I am recalling an idea I was playing with using Wii as a mouse. But moving RAW Wii around is too erratic and clumsy to be any use as a mouse.