• Hey,

    I'm using a Kramer vs-806yc switcher running s-video live feed into a Black Magic Intensity Pro in a Mac pro (lion, 0f25USB). While inputing the live feed into izzy, when I switch between feeds using the Kramer (manual buttons on the front not rs232 yet) I get a black frame rather than a seamless jump cut. This is not visible when I view the kramer output directly on an external video monitor. Has anyone else had this problem? any suggested solutions?

  • Hi Simon I would say that's normal as s-vidéo is not "genlocked" I get the same with my composite kramer switchers Best mehdi

  • That, is strange- are you sure you get a seamless switch? There is no genlock or real frame synchroniser on the individual inputs- if you get a seamless switch it is pure luck- the devices you plug into it (outputs and inputs) and the switcher are getting their refresh sync from the power source they are plugged into- not a black burst generator. If you want a seamless switch you need to sync the signals either by sending reference to all devices (this means you need gear that can accept external sync) or the switcher needs to have a frame synchronizer on every input. 

    It would be a lot of luck to get a seamless switch- it would mean that when you turned on your input and output devices they just happened to be exactly in sync, some screens react differently when they re-sync- for sure your capture box is not designed to do this (re-sync) quickly just, well. Maybe it takes a little longer to sync than the screen.
    To get a round this you can use the freeze actor and hold a frame while the input syncs then switch back to the feed, or if you need the seamless switch you need something with multiple synchronised video inputs like the V4.