Black screen with my webcam.

  • Hello. I'm testing isadora with demo before i buy it i would like to be sure that i can do all that i want with it.for info i use another software with patching approach but only for the sound named Usine witch is Betty great ! For the video i'm using resolume but i not very first problem when i testing isadora is when i start my webcam as a input capture i have only a black screen. Do you know this problem ?

  • Tech Staff

    What webcam is it and what are your system specs? Mac/PC, etc?

  • My computer is a toshiba qosmio x500. and i don't know what is the ref of my webcam (integrated).

  • There is a known bug where you need to set input resolution to full size to get image working

  • Sorry. It dosen't work. Even on another computer (asus) always black :-(

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