Video capture / analog output - Macbook Pro

  • Hi there,

    I've been looking at a hardware solution to capture video and receive a video stream in Isadora. 
    I'm gonna need to: 
    - record the video output of my laptop on a second laptop (possibly HD).
    - treat a live feed in realtime in Isadora.
    - output an analog video signal from my Macbook Pro (connect to an old tv set).
    The Black Magic Intensity Shuttle seems to be a popular choice >
    but I'm not entirely sure it would do all of what I need, and if not, what could be a good alternative. 
    My experience with video hardware is NONE so I'm having a bit of a hard time understanding what'd be best to get. 
    thanks in advance 

  • Hi,

    First take care, you're pointing the usb3 model, it's not supported under mac osX. Only the thunderbolt version works on mac.
    Then, the shuttle will allow you with isadora to capture a video feed ( SD or HD ), but not to output a video.
    So if you need to record the output (HD) of Laptop 1 into laptop 2:
    You need a hdmi output ( possibly with adapter ) on laptop 1, and send hdmi signal to the shuttle witch is connected on laptop 2.
    To treat a live feed in isadora ( SD or HD ) : the shuttle makes the job.
    To output an analog video signal from a mbp: you need a scan converter ( VGA to analog ). As the Shuttle can't be used as an output device in isadora.
    Isadora doesn't support output on such cards because they are video cards and not graphic cards.
    And Isadora is heavily using the fonctions of the graphic card ( like openGL ) to render.
    I hope this helps a bit...

  • thanks a lot Mehdi, that was very helpful.

    I guess then the Blackmagic Intensity is out of the game, no thunderbolt on my mac. 
    Not sure what an alternative could be, it would be quite handy to be able to record a video stream on a second machine.

  • Hi, please give full description of both machines best mehdi

  • Beta Tester

    What Mac has USB 3.0 but not thunderbolt?

  • I don´t have a second machine at the moment, I´m running Isadora on a Macbook Pro 2.53 GHz Intel Core i5, 4 GB RAM OS X 10.6.8. I was hoping to be able to record my video output on an old Macbook which I´ll get soon but not sure about the details right now.

    I ordered a scan converter so I might forget about HD for a minute and try recording into VHS and then capture that at a second stage. For that I guess this iGrabber would do the job >

  • You can efficiently record the video output of your mac using syphon recorder and a syphon output from your patch- all on one machine and good quality.