Active Silicon LFG4 drivers needed?

  • Hey All,

    I just popped my Active Silicon LFG4 into my Mac Pro.  It doesn't seem like the computer is recognizing the card.  It's in the top PCI slot but I'm sure that's not my problem.  Are there some drivers I need to install or something?  Have any of you installed Active Silicon frame grabber cards in your towers?
    Any help most appreciated.
  • Izzy Guru

    I've never used one but have heard that they work.... stating the obvious here but have you emailed them?

    It might be an OS thing?

  • Yea i'm back and forth with their support.  Just thought someone here might have some first hand experience.  I'll let people know what happens.


  • Yes you need to install drivers - there are some on the product page its a few years since I last used one and I seem to remember that the catalyst driver didn't work with Isadora at that point so I used an alternative... sorry I can't be more specific.

  • Thanks Simon.

    I installed the securityspy drivers and now izz is seeing the card.  It is showing me 16 options for input though.  LFG$ 1-4, source 1-4\.  I would have expected to see 4 options fo the cards 4 inputs.  Any insights here folks?  See link to screenshot:
  • Izzy Guru

    I imagine each one will be a different size frame rate and pal/NTSC option. All the BM cards I've used show up in a similar but slightly less confusing way than in your image. I'd go thru each one and compare.

  • Hi,;

    I think the LFG-4 offers the possibility with extra connectors to have 16 video-ins, and then allows you to capture 4 of these 16 streams at a time. 
    A bit like an integrated switcher/matrix. 
    I think that's why you see 16 inputs.

  • We got the card working, its actually pretty sweet.

    The only annoying thing is that I can't get the order of inputs to stay the same, it changes the order of what input is in what channel, meaning that I have to re-patch the order every time I turn on the computer. It's not a huge deal, just that the menu is not conducive to quick re-patch. 
    any one have any experience with that?

  • Yep, me right now during a brand new install of an LFG4 in a new Mac Pro. That isn't gonna work for me! This is connecting 4 security cameras to security spy and I have custom motion detection setup with individualized brightness, and sensitivity. All that goes out the window if they randomly flip ports on a simple system restart. Was a solution found? Send it back?

  • Dear Drinkster,

    Are you saying that the order of inputs doesn't stay the same in Isadora? Or is the problem in their app SecuritySpy? 
    Best Wishes,