User Actors in Floating Windows

  • It might be useful to see the inside of User Actors as well as the main patch.

    I think the tabbed system currently employed makes this impossible.
    Could be wrong though?
  • Tech Staff

    I too would like to be able to view back to the root of a patch when editing a user actor.

  • Beta Gold

    I agree...

  • I think the idea is that you use the vote button.

    Edit - that sounds sarcastic - it isn't meant to be!

  • Well, as you all remember, this used to be how it worked: opening a User Actor opened a new window. But there were some serious problems with this scheme when working with nested user actors. Consider:

    User Actor A
      contains User Actor B
    Now, I have two copies of User Actor A in the scene.
    I double click User Actor A - Copy #1, and then double click it's User Actor B.
    I do the same for User Actor A - Copy #2.
    Now, I've got two windows with User Actor A visible as well as two windows with User Actor B visible. I make edits to both copies of User Actor B. I click close on one of them, and the "Save and Update All" window comes up.
    What happens in this situation? Discard any edits that were made in the other User Actor B window, and update it to reflect the changes made in the other window? It's all feels a bit ugly and wonky and prone to error to me.
    But perhaps you all have some ideas. I await your suggestions for this workflow.
    Best Wishes,
  • Tech Staff

    I like the tabs, but how about showing the main patch on the left side as split screen that stays editable, but if a user actor is open already and you want to open it again a pop up window says that the user actor is open already.


  • Ah yes I see the problem.

    However if you double click the second user actor (and it is a global actor) then surely you don't really need a second window opening as it is the same thing anyway. Could you not just bring the (already open) expanded actor window into focus?
    And you could keep the tabs but just have the option of dragging the window out of the tab to a new window (like your browser).
    Sometimes you need to watch what is happening inside an actor and watch what is happening in the main patch. You can't do this at the moment.
    Failing that maybe a keyboard shortcut to cycle between windows would be an option?