Limited number of osc inputs?

  • hi guys

    first sorry for my awful english!!!
    i'm working on a small project for my daughter (she's 20 months) so that she can play with a Kandinski painting with an ipad...
    everything is ok and the izzy patch works great (every element of the painting is control by osc via Lemur)
    I ddidn't check the exact number of the osc's inputs but it must be around 80 and it works very well.
    the only problem is that now, if i add a new osc control, the izzy patch crashes.
    every new control with every new channel number leads to the same issue.
    if i wan't to add a new osc control i have to delete a existing one 
    if i wan't to add four/five new osc control i have to delete four/five existing ones...
    so my question: is there a limited number of osc inputs with izzy?

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    Hi, that's maybe a different problem but have a look to this thread

    It was a strange case of crash related to OSC when creating a new port (channel) .

  • some precisions:
    -iz: 1.3.0f25
    -Lemur for ipad
    -and exactly 115 different OSC listener in my patch (by different I mean with  different channel/port 'numbers)
    @Medhi> thanks, I've tried mark's solution but the problem still there...

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    Would you post your patch ?
    And some precisions about your computer and OS.

  • hi Medhi well:

    mbp corei7 with 8gb of ram
    mac OSX 10.6.8


  • some new precisions...

    6 balls for each multiballs so 6 differents OSC port (11,12,13,14,15,16 / 111,112,113,114,115,116/ ... >for X and Y axis on the first multiball)
    and for the macro used in this project> it's a bit hard to explain in english for me but it's a kinf of rewire system
    that smoothly freeze the osc received value to its original state (0/0 for x/y axis ; 86,5 for the zoom; 100 for intensity) 
    and smoothly return to the osc received value (hmmm well not very clear... )
    thanks again

  • the manual says channels 1-100 - but the port input of the osc listener actor has 800 set as the scale max value, so it may have been increased

  • in my patch 115 seems to be the limit...

  • Dear Artoo,

    I think the crash you are having is in 1.3.0f24\. I'm going to send you a private message with a different version to try.
    Best Wishes,

  • thanks mark

    the crash was in 1.3.0f25 (for sure)
    and it's the same with the 0f27 that you sent me...
    it's very strange and i don't understand why it crashes...
    for now i add new controler in midi mode and it's ok, but i really would like to add OSC controler in the existing patch!!!
    I've tried to add differents OSC sources ('cause it may be a Lemur/isadora problem) such as inputs from OSCulator  but it's always the same issue, the patch crashes as soon as i add a new OSC input in the stream setup panel.
    here is the current patch with the max of OSC inputs I can enter...


  • I was able to add another channel in stream setup and create an actor hooked up to it without a crash

  • lucky you!!! still the same for me... maybe a Lemur/Isadora problem... I don't have many time now and I'm working on other stuff but as soon as I can I will re open the patch and try to find something...

  • these patches are crashing on .24

  • hello guys just to say that the f32 version has solved the problem... great news for my project...


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