Missing 1080p30 option with Black Magic UltraStudio Mini Recorder

  • I've been using a Black Magic UltraStudio Mini Recorder as a sdi input in Isadora and it works very well. However one of the resolutions that is supported by the unit, 1080p30, is not amongst the choices under settings in Isadora. 720p60 and 1080i60 is there but not 1080p30?
    In Black Magics own program 1080p30 is selectable so I wonder why not within Isadora, is this dependent on the Black Magic driver or something in Isadora?
    I'm running Isadora 1.3f24 on Mac Mini.

  • Izzy Guru

    Are you seeing these resolutions in QuickTime Player, if you make a new record? If not its either that QuickTime doesn't see it or that Blackmagic only lets it show up in their own application.


  • Well, this seems to be a Black Magic issue as far as I can tell, after searching around the web I've found a couple of other forums discussing the same problem regarding other software, 1080p25 and 1080p30 are missing for some reason.
    I've got it working on Windows though, when you install the BM drivers you get one that's called wdm and using that one 1080p25 and 1080p30 are available.

  • Hi I have the same issue.

    To answer Michel's question no those options dont show up on Quicktime. According to the Blackmagic tech support they support software that incorporates their SDK - so Blackmagic thinks its not their problem."apps just using QuickTime API are limited to 1080p24" So their suggestion is to use apps built with the BM api. (they kindly make it available but thats way out of my league)

  • Dear Eyesoar,

    Where is this SDK? Did they give you a link?
    Best Wishes,

  • http://www.blackmagicdesign.com/support/sdks

    I am having the same issue as eyesoar and found this topic. Here is the SDK link if you havent tried it already...

  • These are missing from my BM unit as well. . . The thubderolt studio express.

  • Hi Mark
    Thanks for responding all those months ago - I'm not sure why I didn't notice your post way back then.
    josharoo4 ended up putting up the link and in the end I worked around the issue by forcing my device to 720p which worked just fine for the show, but it would still be nice if all options were available it did take quite a bit of searching for all the right parts to a solution that would work. Im sure others would be able to change their hardware like we did.
    HDMI has thrown up quite a few issues for those of us using consumer grade gear for small scale productions. Black magic seems to offer hope for a reasonable price but the lack of support for anything that relies on Quicktime api makes it not the great solution that it seems.

    @mark is it something that could get worked in, or would it be too large of a huge task ?

  • Dear Matt,

    Well, I'd have to look carefully at what Blackmagic offers in terms of an API -- that would determine the level of difficulty. But given the other tasks I have in the pipe, I can't promise I'll get to it soon. I wonder if someone could be persuaded to write a stand-along actor that would take the image data from the Blackmagic and feed it into Isadora? Does anybody reading this feel like they've got the skill? I could guide you.
    Best Wishes,

  • I made this some time ago for similar reason, I dont have gear with me to test- it is good for 10.6+ I have a more advanced version but I need to clean the code first. This one will send a syphon stream of the selected capture device.