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  • hello all.

    for a new installation i am currently developing i will need a very powerful hardware (cpu,gpu,video grabber from composite). As I understand it's going to be a PC because the GPU is crucial. Is there a list of recommended configurations ? I will only need 2 video outs (2k). 



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    I can attest to the stability of my current system.
    Win 10 64bit, i7-4810mq, 16gb, nVidia GTX 870m
    Its a Clevo based laptop.

  • booth my systems in signature are capable to perform your task, but now if I have to build a brand new one I suggest the following config: and ryzen 1600  24 GB ram hd 500 GB SSD gtx1070 is a decent setup for around 1000 euro.

  • tanx. that gives me some guidelines to go for. i only just dsicovered that most of the job is done by the graphic card. in my macbook pro the temperature of the GPU, according to FanControl was reaching 100 celsius before it made strange images, enough to make a dish of pasta.

    look my up should you happen to come to Florence, Italy

  • @hairi as you can see in my signature I'm located in Italy too, so if you need some advice or help don't hesitate to contact me in private. Ciao

  • @maximortal cool. i'm in Firenze