lose acces to isadora pref

  • hi, today i don't have access to isadora pref. the window open well but i can only change pref in general but i can't click ok I could just click cancel. it is impossible to click on "video"or "stage" or other...

    i try to reinstall after clean uninstall with app cleaner and it's the same. Other curious point when i chose "output" "stage setup", i don't have movie on the window stage setup but i have movie on stage and i can edit it.

    isadora usb key 2.5.2 

    yosemite 10.10.5

    MacBook Pro retina 2015 (13)

    Someone have an idea ?

    Thanks a lot.

    Have a nice day.


  • I try to create a new session on my mac. 

    With the new one Isadora works well

    On my usual session there is always the same bug...

    I use onyx to clean the Mac , repairs permissions...

    Nothing work...

    I will try new thing.

  • Tech Staff

    Could you attach a screen shot please?

  • ok. I send picture after a new test and when I have good connection (on the train yet)


  • 4 screen shot

    2 of no working (pref and stage setup) from my usual session

    2 of working well (pref and stage setup) from my new session

  • ok i got it.....

    on the stage setup no working i have "stage preview" 640 X 0 (oh fucking mistake, damned, idiot !!!!!)

    but it's interesting to know that this setting "freeze" the pref window...

    now i can work

    thanks and all the best


  • Tech Staff

    Glad you got it working and that by asking for screenshots it accidentally helped!

  • Tech Staff

    I have entered this into our bug system.
    Glad you found the issue, and have it working again.


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