Running 2 or 3 projectors on MBP retina

  • Has anybody tried to run 2 or three projectors on the MBP Retina with Isadora? Is it possible to create a single virtual desktop on these projectors with Isadora? (Setting aside the performance at the moment).

  • Izzy Guru

    @michel has I think. I've yet to do it but I'm quite sure it's possible.

  • Izzy Guru

    Yes it does work, I only did a simple setup to see if it works, but I didn't push the limits and can't tell you where they are.


  • Beta Tester

    I actually did a proof of concept recently with two TH2Gs and an additional HDMI monitor off of my rMBP so 7 external monitors/projectors plus the laptop's built in display. It handled fading between still images independently on all those outputs reasonably well but I'm sure anything more than that would have dropped FPS uselessly low. I would definitely feel comfortable do 2 or 3 SD or possibly even HD outputs of video from the rMBP if I had to.

  • Thanks @Skulpture,  @michel and @MatthewH!

  • Izzy Guru

    Yeah i've had 3 videos (1080) playing using a dual had to go and my desktop and frame rate was pretty solid.

    Again; not tested this extensively but I'd confidently say it will run a show using 2/3 outputs at HD size.

  • Mathew,

    I just wanted to confirm that you were able to run two triple heads off the rMBP? I know officially Matrox only supports multiple units on PC's (I recently called to verify.) I am looking for a 6 output + monitor solution and had ruled out the TH2Gs and was looking into building a PC with an Eyefinity card, but the TH2Go would be much more affordable.
    Anyone tried an eyefinity6 (Visiontek Radeon HD 6870) with Izzy yet?
  • Beta Tester

    @Gietenkaas, it is absolutely possible to run multiple TripleHead2Gos off of a rMBP or a Mac Pro. The key is that you need to configure them both individually via USB and then disconnect the USB for one of them and plug it into something like an iPhone charger for power.