Matrox Triple Head Stage Problems

  • I am using three projectors attached to a triple head. The macPro and Izzy reads everything correctly: one display at 3072x768. There is a weird issue though. I have created five stages (see photo):

    Stage1:  3072x768 displayed on full
    Stage 2: 3072 x768 displayed on first third
    Stage 3: 3072 x768 displayed on mid third
    Stage 4: 3072 x768 displayed on last third
    Stage5:  3072x768 displayed on full

    When I launch IZZY sometimes it lets me put an image only on one stage (one projector) and other times it only lets me output to the full stage.

    Anybody have any sim. issues?


  • Dear Dan,

    Hmmmm... I'm afraid your setup doesn't make sense because everything is on Display 2, which is the TH2Go. 
    Isadora should show the stages in numerical order (i.e., 1, 2, 3...) So it shows a full stage first (covering the whole TH2Go, 3072 x 768) then the Left Third, Middle Third, and Right Third on top of that, and then finally Stage 5, which also covers the entire TH2Go, covers all of the previous four stages.
    You should only use Left Third, Middle Third, and Right Third. Maybe the problem is that you believe that the stages are transparent -- unfortunately they are not.
    Best Wishes,

  • You can only do one stage per output.  

    Your full  stage outputs conflict with the thirds and what you see is probably one stage taking precedence over the other in a more or less random fashion. 
     You should treat your triple head as a single stage and use projector actors position values to define the subdivisions.that way you can scale and overlap video streams as you want.
    I believe there is a feature request for the possibility to show hide individual stages or have a layering option for stages, maybe even blend modes, but it's probably not so useful.

  • LPmode and Mark :

    Make sense that there is a hardware conflict..... I guess I need to create an actor that splits the full raster in a scene, rather than at the pref. level.

    Thanks for the speedy replies!


  • Dear Dansfine,

    Take a look at this post:
    I've attached an example patch.
    Best Wishes,