• Hey All,

    I am wondering what if any advice people have on the most reliable way to control Isadora through midi.  I am using Qlab as my control software.  I know there are options like midipipe etc, for internal queing from one computer but I'm wondering if this is a concern when Qlab is running a complex arrangement of audio tracks etc while Izzy is also very busy tackling projector edge blending etc.  The other options (and the way I'm leaning currently) is to have a separate machine for Qlab and trigger my other departments as follows:
    **iMac w/ Qlab** > **M Audio Firewire 410 Midi Out** > **1 in 4 out Midi repeater to lights, sound, and video** > **Midi into Isadora via M Audio Midisport 1x1**
    I'm wondering if anyone has experience or thoughts on what's best (or if it really matters?) on:
    1\.  MSC trigger vs. Midi note
    2\.  Hardware for midi in/repeating (i am planning on using this repeater: http://www.midisolutions.com/prodqth.htm, and this midi interface for izzy: http://www.m-audio.ca/products/en_ca/MIDISPORT1x1.html)
    3\.  Midi cable length/grade (i.e. is it better to stay shorter or use a specific make of cable? will this really make a difference?)
    Thanks for any advice,

  • I have used MIDI a lot.
    Few things I have learned over the years:
    I do not like MIDISPORT. It needs drivers and the box has been unreliable few times. I use the cheapest( USB MIDI dongle happily without any problems. Like this:
    Then I have a wonderful box that allows me to do pretty much anything merging, switching, thru, splitting

    A good tip is to make MIDI cables DIN>XLRmale>XLRfemale>DIN. If you ever need extend your cables it is most likely that you find some mic XLR cables around. These are well made and properly shielded and I have run signal 40m away just fine. For even longer runs there are MIDI to CAT5 baluns.

  • Thanks for the advice.  If I was to use the wave-audio product for the 4x4 unit, would it make sense to use the wave-audio 1x1 for the tower input (http://www.wave-audio.com/productsview.php?proid=57&id=31&type=products)?  Have you had any experience with that product?

    I have also heard some other reports of the M Audio gear not being the most reliable so if the wave-audio stuff is reliable that seems like the way to go.

  • I have run Qlab triggering Isadora running on one PC without too many issues.  You just need to have both programs running and choose QLab in the Isadora MIDI preferences and Isadora in the Qlab MIDI preferences.  No third party software required.  Since both programs are pretty much infinitely programmable as to what message is sent/received, you just need to pick something and stick with it.