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  • OK, what I want to do is to be able to use a live twitter feed within my project. So ideally I'd be able to captue a browser window or desktop twtter client's application windo and use that as a live video feed. I know that steaming software such as OBS can do this but I suspect that Isadora can't. Does anybody know of a way to achieve this either within Isadora or by using a 3rd part piece of software that expresses itself as a video feed. I 've heard that Airserver can take a stream from an andraid/IOS device and express that as a software camera that can be read as a normal camera by other applications. Is there anything that can do this for applications within the system? Sorry if i'm repeating myself. Thanks in advance.

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    I described some tests with AirServer in a 2016 post to this forum

    It is not the only way to do what you want, many free software that allows capturing an active screen area and can transmit via syphon (Mac) or spout (PC) will be useful. My example with AirServer demonstrates receiving a syphon stream from a second and third computer over a common LAN connection between the three computers.

    If you are on Mac have a look at this forum thread from the older Isadora forum:

    It discusses the free Syphoner application available here.


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    are you on Ma or PC?

  • You can do what you need with NDI software. It grab a window and stream it into Isadora

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    There's also ScreenCaptureSyphon, which is $10, but I've found to work better than Syphoner (which is free) when compared side-by-side on a Mac (though it looks like it also works on Windows via Spout).

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  • Syphoner is my go-to for this kind of thing.  

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    In relation to Syphoner, I’ve found it misbehaves and freezes up more often if the Syphoner application window is hidden from view, and almost immediately when minimized (if memory serves). I tend to have it “peeking out” from behind my Isadora window to prevent this.

    I’ve also had trouble in the past trying to run two instances of Syphoner and Syphon at the same time, as Isadora was having issues distinguishing between the two feeds. Two options would show up in the Syphon Receiver actor, but I could only ever get it to show me one of the two feeds reliably, regardless of which feed I selected. So if you ever need two syphoned application feeds at the same time, my solution was to use Syphoner for one and ScreenCaptureSyphon for the other.

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