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    Wondering if anyone can tell me if there's a minimum pixel overlap required for blending two projectors with Izzy map? I can't see a requirement in the manual, but often overlaps from 10-20% are required. Is there a chance it could be smaller at all for Isadora? I've got a tight rear projection scenario I'm working with. 

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    You can always go lower, but the fact is the more overlap the easier is the edge blending. Here is a handy link where you can type in your values and generate a test picture for your project.

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  • @michel Thanks very much

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    That’s a cool link! Very handy

  • @michel funny question, but is there a MAXIMUM pixel overlap? 

  • @alexwilliams said:

    is there a MAXIMUM pixel overlap

      As you might know, 100% overlap is called 'projector stacking' which is a recognised technique to increase brightness of an image by using more than one projector. Any overlap less than 100%, in either the x or y plane, requires some form of image tiling/chopping and 'blending' either by a hard mask applied to the front of the projector lens casing or a soft mask as seen in Isadora's software based gradient blending options. The issue is mitigating the brightness gain where more than one projectors overlap. Many projectors and display software now provide edge blending functions. Generally an overlap of 30% or more is easier (quicker) to blend than less amounts. A number of large venue projectors are now also including built-in options for multi-projector stacking. This increases brightness, but one criticism is that it reduces the ratio of contrast available.

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    Here take a look at this newly-edited forum post of mine about a production for which I stacked two projectors to be bright enough with a dark RP surface: https://community.troikatronix...

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