Sound Player not working on any patch

  • Hi. I am having trouble with the Sound Player actor. It suddenly stopped working completely. In the simplest patch, with just the sound player to play a clip, it activates (turns green) but doesn't play anything. I don't know if it is related, but a couple of days ago Isadora crashed (see report below). Since then It hasn't crashed again, but the Sound Player stopped functioning. 

    This is the report of the crash, in case it helps:

    Am Sa, Nov 11 at 4:25 PM Name: Gabi Baldoni
    Serial Number: NOT GIVEN
    Isadora Version: 2.5.2
    Operating System: Windows
    OS Mode: 64
    Processor: Intel i5
    Quicktime Version: 7.7.9
    RAM: 2.0 Gb
    Pixel Format: RGB
    Severity: Doesn't Operate As Expected
    Frequency: Always


    Automatically Generated Error Information:

    Error: !(*cstr File: UIzzyUtils.cp
    Line: 4035
    Active Scenes: | Untitled |

    **** Please add any further details here! ****

    Stack Trace from UIzzyUtils.cp:4035:
    20: - 0x0
    19: - 0x0
    18: - 0x0
    17: - 0x0
    16: - 0x0
    15: - 0x0
    14: - 0x0
    13: - 0x0
    12: - 0x0
    11: - 0x0
    10: - 0x0
    9: - 0x0
    8: - 0x0
    7: - 0x0
    6: - 0x0
    5: - 0x0
    4: - 0x0
    3: AddClipboardFormatListener - 0x76051D20
    2: DispatchMessageW - 0x76044B90
    1: CallWindowProcA - 0x7603A030
    0: DllMain - 0x5D311A70

    Thank you for your help!

  • Tech Staff

    Please open a support ticket (link in my signature).

    I have just tested the Sound Player with a wav file in Isadora 2.5.2 and it is working as expected on my system.
    So I suspect we will need to look a little deeper at your system config.