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    I'm new to Isadora but am familiar with other environment such as Processing and MaxMSP. I'm creating a short performance piece which requires a live feed. I want to use my iPhone so that it can be wireless (and it's better quality than the webcam I have available to me). 

    I've managed to set up a livestream to my Mac using softwares such as EpocCam but I can't seem to figure out how to get Isadora to read it as a Video Input. 

    I've searched the forums and have gathered that I need to Syphon the feed into Isadora but I can't find any clear guide on what exactly Syphoning is and how to set it up. 

    Any help would be greatly appreciated — this project has a quickly-approaching deadline.



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    @jsegal99 Syphon means you send a video from one app to another on the same machine

    You have Syphon installed?

    Here the link http://syphon.v002.info/

    With Simple client and Simple Server you can test easily if it’s working 

    In Isadora you use the Syphon receiver actor and choose the available video feed 

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    Here’s a link to a forum post of mine with full instructions for a wired live-feed with a webcam and also instructions for how to use AirBeam Pro for iPhone to get a wireless live feed on Mac:


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    Lucas Wilson-Spiro

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    @jsegal99 said:

    EpocCam but I can't seem to figure out how to get Isadora to read it as a Video Input


    Using EpoCam on my iPhone is straightforward enough when matched with the EpoCam Viewer on my computer (Mac) and a common wireless network. I then use the Syphon Receiver in Isadora to pick up the stream. Being new to Isadora means becoming familiar with all of the interface nuances and processes. With the Syphon Receiver, I teared my hair out for ages before realising that the selection options for the server appeared when clicking into the black bar next to the input link anchor dot. When I first started using Isadora I came to expect the input parameters to be accessible through clicking on the link anchors, I am not sure why the Syphon Receiver options are not available by clicking on the anchor, but I am sure there will be a good reason. You can always check the Isadora manual for clear insights into each actor. Another thing is that EpoCam has gone through a number of iterations affecting its use with Isadora. For example, it appears as a live camera source in my Live Input Settings in Isadora but does not provide a video stream, but I think this is a legacy of a previous version of EpoCam (pre-syphon), or it might be available in the Pro version which I don't have? The free version allows a Syphon feed into Isadora, however there is the brand logo at the bottom of the image. I have used the Crop actor in Isadora to mask out the logo.

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    Please let us know if you're all set or if you require further assistance, especially since you said that your deadline is approaching quickly. We're always happy to help.

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