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    In search for this feature (the possibility to trigger scenes individually) I stumbled upon this old Forum Post - I actually have real  need for a midi scene trigger since the setup i am building isn't linear but needs to be flexible in triggering scenes. Is this topic still considered to become a feature? THX!

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    Hi there @Salimelo,

    What kind of MIDI device do you have ? Perhaps we can help you out with advice / prototype so that you can advance in your scenes in an non-linear way.

    - Juriaan  

  • @juriaan HI _ You are a very fast one :) Thank you! - But I just was about to delete this post 'cause I could achieve the needed performing by implementing a set of note on watchers in combination with a set of jump to cue actors into each scene. So I'm all right with this circumstance. Nevertheless, I think it would be perfect if all the controls of Isadora would be capable of learning midi, in my case this would have led to a much more clean and economic patch! All the best, S.

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    I've had huge success sending MIDI Show Control (MSC) from QLab and ETC Ion/Nomad lighting consoles to trigger Isadora (via MIDI Show Control Watcher actors paired with comparators), in conjunction with using @dbengali (Mac) and @djinoui 's (Windows) JumpByName custom Isadora plugins and then prefacing Scene names with MSC cue #'s.

    JumpByName.izzyplug.zip (Mac)

    Best wishes,