Black Magic Intensity Pro defaulting off-line in settings

  • I'm pulling analog feed from a camcorder via an RCA cable going into the BMIP's 8-Y-in.

    The BMIP input shows up in Live Capture Settings - I select Intensity NTSC/PAL and everything works until I close the  Live Capture Settings window.

    When I reopen the settings the input has switched to Intensity NTSC/PAL : Intensity NTSC/PAL  offline. Selecting the above input setting when selected again works until close.

    See attached pic.

    Work around is to leave the settings window open.



  • if this is on windows you most likely have a malfunctioning card or a registry error.

  • Ooops. I tots forgot to add crucial info:

    MacPro 2009 running SL
    Izzy 1.3.0f24

  • I have 2 Intensity Pros installed in a 2010 Mac Pro (izzy 1.3.of24) and exactly the same setup on a 2nd Mac Pro and have a similar situation on both although it doesn't stop the card from capturing live input. Once the cards are selected and live capture is started I close the settings window and am able to use the streams from both cards but I leave live capture running... are you start/stopping live capture from with in the patch? When I reopen the settings window it then says that card 1 is offline and I need to select it again. Interestingly the 2nd card (on both machines) doesn't suffer from going offline.

  • OK, yeah, same error. I do cue starts and stops of the capture and that's where I'm actually losing the feed.

  • Please submit this as a bug report. I only have one Blackmagic card, but I'll buy another one and look into this behavior once I return to Berlin on Feb 17th.

    Best Wishes,

  • Do you use PAL or NTSC, I have a related problem that the card resets the input to PAL (as the NTSC and PAL inputs are the same virtual input). It does not happen for me when I use the HD inputs, (including using the pre-processing on the BM control panel to upconvert the SD signal to HD).


  • @Fred I'm using PAL but the cards keeps defaulting back to NTSC.

  • Ok, I contacted BM about this and I cannot get a solution. Their biggest market is the US and that is how they leave it.

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