• Hello everybody,

    I'm a new user of Isadora and this is my first post, in advance sorry for my English !
    I read some discussions about the kinect and syphon, but it's still confused to me...
    I would like to receive values from synapse (right and left hands for example) and stream the image into izzy.
    So first, Synapse launched, I succeed to recognize the kinect in "Stream Setup" by setting the right OSC port number, but the "Data" in front of each address are not numbers, but directions (up, right, back,...) ; when I use the actor "OSC Listener" there is no outgoing value linked with channels.
    Does anyone know how to resolve this ? May the intermediary of OSCulator help to get values ?
    About Syphon, I don't really understand which plugins are to be installed for each application : if there is a syphon server from one side and a syphon client on the other, specific plugins have to be installed for each application (synapse and izzy), aren't they ? But I seem to read that synapse already include syphon server and client...
    So I downloaded Matthew Haber's files (Syphon Client v1.0.qtz and Syphon Server v1.0.qtz) and I put them into Mac HD > Library > Application Support > FreeFrame, but I don't understand if there is another plugin to instal from the website of Syphon ?
    Michel propose in a post to copy Syphon.plugin to Library > Graphics > Quartz Composer Plug-Ins, is it another solution as Matthew Haber's one or is it complementary ?
    They're certainly inexperienced questions, but thanks for help.
    All the best.
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    First question do you have the Isadora Core upgrade?

  • Hi,

    Yes I have the Isadora Core upgrade and my version is 1.3.0f25

  • @Clement, on 10.6.8 I use Synapse with quartz_passthrough_plus (Max) to Isadora and have all the numerical data on OSC listener.
    Synapse recognize my skeleton and al the part of it.

  • @bruper, thank you, it works fine with this max runtime patch (on synapse website, included with the plugin for QC) : I get xyz values for the main parameters (hands, head and torso).

    In discussion "kinect to izzy" mark is working on a plug which allows to pull directly the depth image from the kinect, for now it seems to work for few people (not for me) ; but if the camera is recognized by izzy, I think it can't be used by synapse at the same time, this is why I'm interested by syphon.
    Does anyone know the right steps to follow in my case ?
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    There are a few kinect plugins around and I often find them all very confusing; despite using some of them most days. Download and try each oen individually otherwise you get errors and confusing/conflicting data.

    I also really want to make a tutorial about setting up Syphon for isadora.... I will try my very best over the next few days.

  • Ok, I will try different plugins and let you know if I find a solution...

    Thanks, waiting your tutorial !
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    Might help....


  • Hi,

    Thank's for this tutorial, that's what I succeed to do !
    I made several tests to get the depth image of the kinect into Izzy through Syphon and the solution is to send the Image from Quartz Composer (the developer of Synapse made a plugin to communicate with QC).
    So what is need in **Mac HD > Library > Graphics > Quartz Composer Plug-Ins** :
    - Synapse Kinect.plugin (from Synapse web site)
    - Syphon.plugin (from Syphon web site ; this plug include the client and server objects for QC)
    What is need in **Mac HD > Library > Application Support > FreeFrame** :
    Syphon Client v1.0.qtz
    Syphon Server v1.0.qtz (both from Matthew Haber web site)
    In the .dmg file downloaded from Syphon, there are several client and sever .qtz files, each one works fine with Isadora but Matthew Haber's ones seem to be more specific for Izzy.
    However if you want to use them you've got to put them in Library > Compositions (Maybe it works in the FreeFrame directory too).
    Hope this will help !