Multiple computers processing in one project

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    I’m planning a bit heavier project that would probably need more than one computer to process, and would need to know how to connect these computers together. Let’s say I would make part of the processing in one computer and then sending a video stream from that computer to another.

    I suppose I could send the first processed video stream from a HDMI port to another computer via a UltraStudio Mini Recorder or equivalent. I tried this – just hooking computer’s HDMI output via UltraStudio Mini Recorder to another computer – but the resulting image on the other computer was a lot darker than the original. Maybe this is not a “valid” method, but would someone have an idea How To…?

    Thanks in advance!

  • @lauri

    Look at NewTek NDI: currently an excellent way to move video across a network.
    Tools here:
    and syphon to NDI here:

  • mark_m is right, NDI to syphon is definitely the way to go. But if you need more than one stream it wont work. The only solution I know to do multiple streams (Jason at 3LD figured that one out) is to use touch designers "touch in" touch out" feature and syphon it to isadora. Super clunky but it works.

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    @lauri said:

    an idea How To

     I had 2 x Isadora Stage outputs on different computers going to a 3rd computer via AirServer and Syphon.

    a little more info in a previous thread here

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  • Thanks for all replies! I'll try them.

    Just asking, how process intensive would these methods be – compared to having the video signal just via UltraStudio Mini Recorder? Would these methods slow down the processing?

  • @lauri

    The "External Video" options in the Output menu of Isadora used to output to a device like BM is extremely old and brittle QuickTime stuff that I really can't recommend any longer. We're going to come up with a solution for outputting the stages to BM devices in a future release, but at the moment, the suggestions above are going to be far more robust and have less impact on Isadora's performance than the "External Video" built in to Isadora.

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