4K capture crashes Isadora

  • I was testing with a decklink 12g capture card that works fine with other software, but as soon as I try to capture 4k with Isadora (windows with the blackmagic driver) isadora crashes. Is isadora's implementation up to date with the latest blackmagic SDK (2160 60/50p was not implemented in earlier versions of the SDK.

  • Tech Staff

    @mark  this seems like a question only you can answer.

  • hello. we have a decklink 4k extrem, which works fine in resolume and media express, but in izzy, it still shows black screen. it doesn't matter which input signal we choos? 


  • @deflost

    Well, to be honest, we haven't tested Isadora with a 4K camera so we can't guarantee it.

    I'll have to wrangle a camera to try this with, as I myself don't have one.

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