A reminder: Turn Off Creative Cloud for Best Performance

  • Dear All,

    Just to keep this fresh in everyone's mind: you should disable Adobe Creative Cloud when using Isadora. (And probably any software that requires good real-time performance.) 

    During testing of the beta of Isadora v2.6, @Michel reported a terrible slowdown: with just one actor in the Scene, dragging this single actor around would reduce Isadora's frame rate to 5 fps or less. But he had forgotten: he logged into Adobe Creative Cloud to convert a document. Once he logged out and restarted, everything was fine again.

    And just to verify for you this isn't an Isadora specific problem, you can read many some of the complaint's from Adobe's Forum:

    Creative Cloud slows down my Mac in OS Sierra.

    My install of Adobe Creative Cloud is significantly slowing down internet.

    CC 2017 makes computer very very very slow

    Creative Cloud Slows Down My Computer

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    If I can just add to this with a small addition. Recently, working on Mac, I noticed a slow-down in Isadora, I had already habitually quit Adobe Creative Cloud and removed it as a startup application so it did not automatically appear in the menu bar. However, I discovered that Adobe Syncing had become active in the background, and it was this syncing activation - even without any files in progress or the Adobe CC application open - that appeared to cause the persistent disruption to Isadora. As soon as I opened the Adobe Creative Cloud app (located in the Applications>Utilities folder) and disabled all of the various syncing operations, quit Adobe CC and restarted the MacBook Pro, Isadora's performance was much better.

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  • @bonemap

    If you see this, you could help me with something.

    What is the name of the process that does the syncing in Adobe CC?

    Can you please type this into the Terminal app

    ps -ef

    and then hit return. Search the output for the word "adobe" and see if you can find the Sync process.

    If you can find it, what I need is the long full path to the application that does this work in the background.

    Thanks in Advance for the Help,

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    @mark said:

    What is the name of the process that does the syncing in Adobe CC?

     Hi, I would have attached the following in a text file but it appears attachments are disabled for this thread. There were a few other Adobe entries in the list, but what follows looks like it might be what you are after.

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      690   0        0:28.10 /Applications/Utilities/Adobe Sync/CoreSync/Core Sync.app/Contents/MacOS/Core Sync

      691   0        0:05.24 /Applications/Utilities/Adobe Creative Cloud/CCXProcess/CCXProcess.app/Contents/MacOS/../libs/node /Applications/Utilities/Adobe Creative Cloud/CCXProcess/CCXProcess.app/Contents/MacOS/../js/main.js

    1540307123   690   8:22am ?? /Applications/Utilities/Adobe Sync/CoreSync/Core Sync.app/Contents/Frameworks/AdobeCrashReporter.framework/Versions/A/AdobeCRDaemon.app/Contents/MacOS/AdobeCRDaemon 690 Core Sync /Applications/Utilities/Adobe Sync/CoreSync/Core Sync.app/Contents/Resources/CreativeCloudIcons.icns /Applications/Utilities/Adobe Sync/CoreSync/Core Sync.app/Contents/Frameworks/AdobeCrashReporter.framework/Versions/A/Adobe Crash Reporter.app/Contents/MacOS/Adobe Crash Reporter