• Hey all!

    I'm having a problem where isadora seems to be preloading files in the background. For instance I'll only have two media files in my scene but the Loaded Media window at the bottom will show 6 or more. I've gotten rid of an any Preload Scene actors and don't have any activated scenes. The build up to around 12 and then freeze Isadora for a few seconds, then drops back to the correct amount of media in my scene. 

    If anyone had any advice I'd be very grateful.

    Runnning the most recent version on a Mac Pro. Using two output.


  • Which loaded media? Movies? Pictures?

    Probably to analyze this we'll need your patch. You might want to open a bug report if you don't want to share it here; otherwise, post it and one of us will have a look.

    Best Wishes,

  • Hey Mark! 

    Thanks for the reply. It looks like I have solved it.

    It seems the problem was indeed an over-abundance of Pre-load Scene actors that I had not found my first few looks through. I've never had this sort of "build up" problem before but it may have something to do with the fact that I was using the JumpByName actor to trigger my cues. Also, to answer your question they were movies.

    Thanks again!