• I want to make interactive angel wings with a alpha layer video, maybe put in some blur motion. What do you use? webcam? Rutt Erta? Does anyone have a good recipe for this? 

  • On Mac or Win? (i use Mac) i've put wings, horns, etc on an actor using a Kinect to track the body, through NIMate to send coordinates of the torso via OSC into Izzy. the wings are a white image on a black background and can be combined with the syphoned shadow of the actor using an Effects Mixer.

    if you want the wings added into a live feed of a person:

    you can syphon 2 live feeds out of NIMate - RGB and a Ghost image. its possible to use the ghost to mask the RGB feed so that you can insert the wings behind the image of the body. this doesn't allow for much movement in terms of twisting or leaning, but will attach the wings image so that it moves in x and y. for an added effect, i have animated the wings a little by tweaking the width of the image with a Wave Generator.

    the effect you are after is possible with a webcam, but you need control over the lighting, the background and the colours your body is wearing to key out the background and attach the wings using Eyes and an Alpha Mask.

  • @dbini said:


     Are the wings a 3D model? could it also be a 2d? have you used Kinect for the movement?

  • @goddessmoon2017

    the wings are just 2D image. Kinect is for tracking the body so Isadora knows where to attach the wings,