• Dear Community,

    I am excited to offer Isadora v2.6 to the "hardcore fans" here on the forum first. (We'll make the general release next Monday, January 15th.)

    This is a free upgrade. If you already have a license, all you need to do is download the new version. You should not need to re-register.

    You should make sure to read the release notes to learn about all of the new features, but a short summary includes:

    • ArtNet Send and Receive actors (available via separate download)
    • Integrated Cue Numbering System that can be addressed via MIDI Show Control
    • New Control Panel modules that make it easy and efficient for operators to run a show
    • Much improved alpha channel support
    • New Data Array actor that supports text as well as numbers
    • Spout Integration on Windows (For MacOS users who don't know it, Spout is the equivalent to Syphon)
    • A new version of the Data Array actor that supports text, including UTF-8 text for full unicode support.
    • New and updated actors, including the new OSC Multi Listener actor that allows you to listen to many channels of OSC data with one actor.
    • The ability to tag Actors so that you can jump to a specific area of your patch immediately, which is further supported by the new Background actor which allows you to clearly define particular areas of your patch
    • The amazing Rutt-Etra actor by Vade (already released but now "official"; available via separate download)

    Please use these links to download the version you need

    I want to thank the entire team for their efforts to define the feature set for v2.6 and to ensure it's stability: Ryan, Monty, Michel, Graham and Alex, and Xenia Leydel for production management. I also want to thank the beta testers who found bugs and offered considerable insight on the new features.

    We are now heading towards a 64-bit, more multi-threaded Isadora v3 which must be released by September 1st, 2018, since the next version of macOS will not run 32 bit applications. We'll be talking more in this forum about what you'll get Isadora v3 in the coming weeks, and give you the opportunity to present the features you think are most important. We'll also give you some target dates for release of interim versions (e.g., Isadora v2.7, v2.8, etc.) that will give you v3 features prior to the big release next fall.

    Thank you as always for your enthusiasm and support, and Happy New Year! 2018 is going to be a fantastic year for our talented little girl. ;-)

    Sincerely, Mark Coniglio + The Isadora Team

  • Thanks Mark and the whole team for your work and dedication !!


  • thank you 🙏

  • Thank you!

  • This is very exciting Mark - cannot wait to try it out. Thank you Mark and the team. 

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    Thanks for everything! You're the best!

  • Great News! Thank's a lot to Mark and the entire team.

  • I'm sure you're asked this a lot, but will v.3 require quicktime for windows? I'd really like to ditch it because of its huge security risks but can't do so without breaking Isadora entirely. 

  • @rbecker said:

    I'm sure you're asked this a lot, but will v.3 require quicktime for windows?

     QuickTime will absolutely not be required for v3, for Mac or PC.

    Best Wishes,

  • thank you so much Mark and the whole izzy team for all the hard work and this amazing new version. Perfect timing for my students to update. So lovely to see Izzy growing day by day :) 

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    @mark Thanks a lot again my friend !!!

  • I just like to share that I've just successfully finished a fairly decent size production with 2 channel video hologram projection, 6 LED lights DMX controlled by Isadora and video-sound sync-play with Qlab, all of these were done through Isadora V2.6 and I've had no unexpected problems. Just like to share some positive feedback on this new version :)