v2.6 Hotfix Beta for Bugs Affecting Specific Users

  • Dear Community,

    Well, despite the best efforts of myself and the team, two bugs slipped into the v2.6 release that are affecting specific users. We have a fix both of those which you can see below

    The more serious of the two was a Mac OS only "memory leak" when playing HAP movies under AVFoundation. As many of you understand, Isadora supports both AVFoundation (Apple's newer technology) and QuickTime for movie playback. (The movie player 'pb engine' output tells you which one is being used, saying either QT or AV.) HAP Support for AVFoundation was new in v2.6, but there was a memory leak would lead to slowdowns and potential crashes because they would run out of memory.

    If you ran Isadora v2.6 with the internet turned off, you may have encounter slowdowns after a couple of minutes and an eventual crash. This was due to the updated algorithm that checks for new versions of Isadora. This may have shown up in either the macOS or Windows versions of Isadora. If you were with an active internet connection, you wouldn't have seen this problem.

    Finally, Isadora wouldn't run at all on macOS 10.9. As shown in our "Support Policy", from this point forward we will only test two operating system back, which currently means Mac OS 10.13 (High Sierra), 10.12 (Sierra) and 10.11 (El Capitain.) However, we didn't really give any of you advance warning on this, so I took the time to fix it so that Isadora would continue to work on 10.9 for now.

    That said, you can expect that the oldest macOS for which we guarantee compatibility for the next macOS release (10.14) will be 10.12.
    Below are the links for a "hotfix" beta that will address the issues above. We're going to let the dust settle for a couple more days before we officially release v2.6.1, just in case something else comes up. But if you are affected by the three situations above, please feel grab this version.

    Uploads will be complete at 12 noon Berlin Time, January 23 2018

    Mac - Standard Edition - Hotfix Beta v2.6.0b4

    Mac - USB Key Edition - Hotfix Beta v2.6.0b4

    Windows - Standard Edition -  Hotfix Beta v2.6.0b4

    Windows - USB Key Edition - Hotfix Beta v2.6.0b4