Multiprojector + Mac OS Window Frustration: A Helpful Trick

  • Yep, had the very same problems with main monitor being forgotten consistently on a MacPro on OS 10.8 with two video cards and four projectors. Seems to me Apple has been spending too much time thinking about the iPhone... really poor programming behaviour methinks?

  • ps, thanks for the script, mark. WIll try it tomorrow on the MacPro.  :)

  • Thanks, that's super helpful.

    I noticed that it doesn't move over the System Prefs windows. Would it be possible to make the script do that?
    It would be useful in the following scenario: Sometimes I need to change the desktop backgrounds to solid black, however the "Gather Windows" feature only works with the Displays prefs. In a multi-projector setup, it's a huge pain to grab all those Desktop & Screen Saver windows and drag them over.
    PS - A little tip for reducing headaches during tech. When I'm in a multi-projector situation and can't see where my mouse is, I turn on a little app called PinPoint. It puts a big red circle around your mouse pointer and makes it a lot easier to find!

  • fantastic... Thanks!

  • Hi,

    for pc users, a little software that simulates edid, so you system allways "see" monitors even if they are not yet plugged:
    [power strip](
    A little hardware solution for those who can afford it:
    [dvi detective](

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    @Dappertutto, Screenblacker which is a free little Mac app from the people behind QLab might be useful to you. It's one of those things that seems a little silly but is super handy.

  • Fantastic!

    On one computer, though, (out of 3 that I put it on), it isn't working and I am getting a message that says "access for assistive devices is disabled". Any idea? The other two it works great.

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    Trying going to Accessibility in System Preferences and turning on the check box for assistive devices.

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    Another thing that helps you seeing the cursor, got to Accessiblitiy in System Preferences and change the cursor size to really big. I use that often.


  • @MatthewH: I'm assuming by 'Accessibility' you mean 'Universal Access'. Thank you, but although it was, in fact, disabled, I've enabled it, restarted, and still getting the same error message. It gives me the option of then going in and editing the script but I'm no programmer.