Isadora v2.6.1 is Live (** Everyone should download this version! **)

  • Dear Community,

    I've just made Isadora v2.6.1 live on the "Get It" page of our site.

    Now, there were actually a few versions of v2.6.1 because of different bugs that we discovered and fixed as we handled the bigger bug that got out in v2.6. I put the latest build up yesterday.

    So, even if you already have a non-beta copy of v2.6.1, everyone should download this latest version of 2.6.1 and re-install over whatever you have now!

    To make it easy for you, here are the URLs: (mac standard) (mac usb key version) (win standard) (win usb key version)

    Thanks for your patience, support and help as we worked out the bugs in v2.6.

    Best Wishes,


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