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    I am working on a small installation and would like to individually control lights via Isadora to sync with image and sound (most likely incandescents - I don't think I will be using LEDs or theatrical lighting).  I have been researching this topic on the forum but I have not seen the question answered for awhile - so I wanted to confirm current recommendations before purchasing any hardware.

    Would this combination work?:

    usb/dmx:  https://dmxking.com/usbdmx

    4-channel dimmer:  https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c...

    It seems that dmxking is pretty standard - but any suggestions for dimmers is appreciated.  I have a lot of experience with video/audio and Arduino/sensors in Isadora - but lighting is new to me - so any advice is appreciated!


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    Pretty much my exact first setup. Works great!

    I have a DMX user actor available also: http://dusxproductions.com/blo...

    Maybe thats helpful.

  • Great! - thanks for the reassurance and the link to the user actor.  I will give it a try once I get the hardware and will reach out if I have any questions.

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    @lala said:

    most likely incandescents - I don't think I will be using LEDs or theatrical lighting


    There is this solution to control wireless enabled bulbs suggested by @juriaan a few months ago. It might be an interesting and more cost effective alternative for your installation.

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    Hi there @lala (thanks @bonemap for the mention),

    The thing with theatre lighting in general is that is quite expensive if you don't have the equipment yourself. Like you mention already, you need to have a USB > DMX interface for Izzy to communicate with the DMX protocol. And you need some kind of dimmer to take control of fresnels / pc / spots or even simple bulbs (That you also need to buy / get somewhere..)

    I created IzzyHue, basically actors build in Isadora that allows you to communicate with Philips Hue. I don't say this isn't expensive (still around the 150 dollars mark for the starterskit), but it gives us some options because Hue bulbs can change color, we can change the brightness, we can change the fadetimes, etc.

    The reason why I created IzzyHue is because most of the time I'm working on installations / theatre sets and there is not really a cost friendly way to actually change a single piece of scenery. (For example a lamp that we have on the stage that needs to change with the enviroment lighting of the set)

    Have a look at meethue.com and if you need any support with lighting in general give me a PM :)