Compression for Windows when dealing with Mac and Windows output

  • I'm getting an number of videos edited by a couple of different editors for a presentation, one is working on a mac and the other Windows. I've been asking for ProRes 422 but Windows doesn't output to that and the show is going to be run on my Windows machine. I want to be most efficient but am not sure what to tell the two different editors. Will the show computer (windows) play the ProRes files? The topic I read on compression was about 3 years ago and Photojpeg was the recommendation (which I'm thinking is not the first choice anymore) along with HAP, which I have never seen or used. I'm going up with the show this week so am in need of a plan of action and am stuck. Help would be most appreciated. 

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    Yes HAP is the way to go, it works good on Mac and very good on Windows.

    Best Michel

  • @montanamurph I would suggest hap AVI on windows, getting away from quicktime on windows can have great results.

  • @fred Thanks for the quick response. Is there a way to add HAP AVI to Premiere as an export option? Or do I just export and convert? 

  • I installed the plug-in for Windows from their link, but Hap is still not appearing in my Premiere Export listing. Do I need to install it in some Adobe folder I'm not aware of? 

  • @montanamurph not sure, on my machine (windows 10) when I installed it I see it as a codec option when I select AVI as my output format. Restart your machine maybe?

  • I have Windows 10 and Premiere 12.0.1 and have re-booted my machine. I see AVI and AVI uncompressed. I must be doing something wrong in the installation? Seems like the installer should know where to place things. On another front, I did a test on my Mac and used the vdmx batch converter ( on a mpeg4 file outputting to HAP and then shipped over to my windows machine and it seemed to play well. This is a much less elegant solution, but I'm going to have files coming into me that are ProRes, mpeg4 and wmv and I just want to find the simplest way to deal with them and have them come out in a way that will unify them to the best of our possibilities for playback.

  • @montanamurph It is in the avi section, not uncompressed and then in video codec (in the video output settings on the left) it has a whole list of codecs and hap is in there for me.

  • Okay, I think I have it. The codec settings are more at the bottom for me, but I'm seeing Hap, Hap Q and Hap Alpha. At the format setting above it still reads AVI, so I'm assuming that picking Hap at the bottom and leaving the top the same will give me what you're calling Hap AVI?

  • yes, avi is the containerand hap is the codec.

  • Many thanks. One final (I hope) question. My files that are coming to me from mac editors as pro-res, should I convert them on the mac to HAp and then load them in, or will my windows premiere program recognize them and allow me to import and convert them or finally, will windows izzy let the two co-exist?

  • @montanamurph you can import the proress files to Isadora, but the movie player will adapt between direct show and quicktime based playback. In my experience the directshow (that is used for AVI playback), is more responsive and uses less resources, but you can compare, it would be great if you let us know. If you want to convert the .mov proress files to .AVI hap, you can do this with adobe premiere or adobe media convertor. 

  • @montanamurph said:

    the show is going to be run on my Windows machine.

     Keep in mind, within the next few months we'll remove QuickTime from Isadora for Windows completely. So, not too long from now, .mov files won't be an option anyway. Better to move to HAP AVI as @Fred is saying.

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  • Thanks! Good to have the heads up. We're going into another production directly after this and we will move on!