Isadora crash after about 10 hours

  • Hi,

    I've been working on a project that seems to work – except it's crashing after about 10 hours. (It's supposed to be an installation that's on all the time.)

    Here's a crash report attached. Maybe someone could figure out (from the crash report) where to start troubleshooting. I'm on Isadora 2.6.1 now.

    Thanks in advance!


  • oh and the crash report... (I couldn't get it attached to the first post, again)

  • Tech Staff


    It would be best to open a support ticket. You can find the link in my signature below. 

    The support ticket system will allow us to share files and details more easily.

  • @Lauri 

    Are you recording movies using the Capture Stage to Movie or Capture Camera to Disk actors? The crash is happening as Isadora attempts to create the thumbnail for a movie. The only other time this would happen is if you were importing media, so I'm guessing you're using the above actors.

    If you are using those actors, we'll need to know which codec you're using in the "Compression Settings..." dialog.

    But as @DusX said, better to open a ticket for these sorts of problems so we can interact with you more efficiently and to ensure we find a resolution as rapidly as possible.

    Best Wishes,

  • @DusX and @mark Many thanks for your replies!

    @mark Yes, my project involves "Capture Stage to Movie" actor. My compression setting was Animation, 50fps, no keyframes, thousands of colors. At least with this codec the crashing is persistent. But I will try another codec too, before opening the ticket.

    @DusX and @mark  Yes, I will open a ticket soon.

    Thanks again, 


  • @DusX @mark I sent a support ticket just a moment ago, and attached the (simplified) project file and several crash reports. It seems like a memory leak issue, RAM seems to fill up constantly until crash.

  • @lauri said:

    I sent a support ticket just a moment ago, and attached the (simplified) project file and several crash reports. It seems like a memory leak issue, RAM seems to fill up constantly until crash.

     OK. I will be able to examine this a bit later tonight. @lauri, I'm on it.

  • @Lauri said:

    I sent a support ticket just a moment ago

     I just sent you a fix. Please try it and report back. I have high confidence I solved your issue.

    Best Wishes,

  • Tech Staff

    @mark @Lauri 

    I have been running the test file using the fix for an hour now and it appears to be corrected.

  • @mark Thousand thanks for the fix! @DusX  Thanks for testing it.

    I'm now in Vienna, returning back next weekend, will test it as soon as getting back.



  • @mark @DusX Thank you again for looking at the memory leak issue. Since the time you sent the links to beta version (below), I’ve been doing tests with it and found that there’s still some sort of a memory leak. 

    Here are my results in a MacPro (late 2013) that has 64GB RAM installed:
    - 6GB RAM (Memory Used) when project started
    - 20GB RAM (Memory Used) after running project for 18hours
    - 21GB RAM (Memory Used) after running project for 19hours
    - 24GB RAM (Memory Used) after running project for 28hours
    - 38GB RAM (Memory Used) after running project for 42hours

    I’ve noticed that the more the RAM gets filled, the slower the project runs (cycles and fps drop), at least with a bit more complicated project file than I sent you before. However, the RAM results you see above come also with running the project I sent you. I haven't got Isadora crashing on this kind of project, or maybe I’ve not run it long enough, but while the RAM gets filled it at least slows Isadora down.

    Would you be willing to look again at this issue?

    I have another request (that I already posted to the forum) concerning the Capture Stage to Disk actor functions. See the explanation here:
    Do you think this change could be done?

    Please let me know, if you have any questions.

    Many thanks in advance!


  • @mark Thousand thanks for the beta3! I've now tested it for a bit longer, and found that there's still a small leak. I ran a patch (with Capture Stage to Disk actor) for eleven days with my MacPro, and the RAM was filling up about 30MB/hour, which really is not much, but for a longer term... I repeated running the patch for another 4 days with similar results. 

    I also ran the patch on a MacBookPro, which gave same outcome, but I did not have a chance to run it more than overnight.

    Also, on MacPro (late 2013, trashcan)and Isadora v.2.6.2b3 the cycles go down strangely after some time. With my patch, it runs around 460-515 for about 7mins, then starts to decrease slowly down to around 100, and then jumps fast back to around 460-515… Did not notice this phenomenon on my MacBookPro.

    So, the leak is a minor one. However, if you are not able to fix this memory leak for Isadora v2.x, I hope you could ensure it's gone with the coming version Isadora 3.x?

    Thanks in advance,