Izzy cant see my PCI screen cards??

  • Hi, Basically I need to run 4 stages across 6 DVI/VGA outputs on a total of 3 Nvidia P345 graphics cards. All installed in a MacPro, purchased with the additional two screen cards installed by apple from the factory in PCI slots 2 and 3. My problem is that I cannot get any image to display on any of the outputs on the two cards in PCI 2 or 3. I imagine this ought to be an easy problem to solve, but nothing I do seem to work:

    I'm running Izzy Core (current up to date version) on a MacPro dual quadcore tower, Intel Xeon, with the dual screen card it comes with from Apple, plus two further P345 cards installed in PCI slots 2 and 3, both assitional PCI graphics cards appear in the Mac profiler (see below) and the profiler lists the drivers as installed.

    However under the OpenGL Information section in the Video Tab in Preferences (Izzy), when selecting screens 3-6 I get this info in the box:
    Not Available. Show stage on Desired Screen with Hardware Accelerated Rendering Enabled To Display Features.

    I guess this is why I can't get an output to those screen cards, but what does this mean and what do I need to do to get an output from those cards??? Is there somewhere to turn on hardware acceleration? On an older MacBookPro I have for my personal work, which has an earlier version of Isadora installed, there is a tick box option within the Video tab on the preferences menu in Izzy to use hardware acceleration, but this doesn't appear in the latest version.

    I don't have any other software on the Mac that would support additional screen cards, so cant test the outputs on anything else. They don't appear in the Apple System Preferences 'screen' menu either, but as the profiler sees them I'm assuming the cards are working?


    Model Name:    Mac Pro
      Model Identifier:    MacPro3,1
      Processor Name:    Quad-Core Intel Xeon
      Processor Speed:    2.8 GHz
      Number Of Processors:    2
      Total Number Of Cores:    8
      L2 Cache (per processor):    12 MB
      Memory:    4 GB
      Bus Speed:    1.6 GHz


    Type:    Display
      Bus:    PCIe
      Slot:    Slot-2
      PCIe Lane Width:    x16
      Vendor:    NVIDIA (0x10de)
      Device ID:    0x0393
      Revision ID:    0x00a1


    Type:    Display
      Bus:    PCIe
      Slot:    Slot-3
      PCIe Lane Width:    x4
      Vendor:    NVIDIA (0x10de)
      Device ID:    0x0393
      Revision ID:    0x00a1

    Any info much appreciated!


  • Hi,

    Does OsX recognises the monitors ( can you drag a window on it ? ) ?
    Not Available. Show stage on Desired Screen with Hardware Accelerated Rendering Enabled To Display Features.
    means that you need to activate a stage on a monitor to get its opengl infos.
    You need to activate stages to the desired outputs in the "stage" tab of the preferences.

  • Dear Mikkel,

    I know I have responded to you privately on this, but it does seem that the NVidia P345 cards may not be supported by Apple any longer.
    Here are a few disturbing reports.



    In the second one, this quote:

    "It is a shame I wasted so much time on such a simple issue. I wish Apple would annouce the they do not support this board anymore (or maybe they do, but I didn't know) but even if not supported it should not halt startup like this."

    It may be that it's simply the cards.
    I'll post more when I hear more from Mikkel.
    Best Wishes,