• Hi All

    Hi Mark, I'm looking for a new PC laptop . As i use to work on
    Vectorworks Designer 3D software for my scenographic concept and job ,
    i'm wondreing to buy an HP workstaion whith an Nvidia quadro1200 graphic
    card.But i also want to use it to run Isadora on performance. I
    hesitate whit a AERO15 X from Gygabyte whith Nvidia GTX 1070 MaxQ whith 8
    GO vram .Which one of those graphics cards will work better for running
    Isadora? Thanks for you precious view. Best reagards. Oliver

  • Tech Staff

    I believe the Nvidia GeForce gtx series to be more widely tested so I would recommend going this route.

     I suppose it may depend on  the number of outputs you wish to support. I believe the gtx series has a limit of 4, although this can be extended by a Matrox or MST adapter.

    The gtx will also most likely have the more powerful gpu (important for glsl and ffgl/gpu effects).

  • @dusx

    Thank you Dusx for you point of view. after discussion whith a friend I com to this view.

    For a Laptop 4 output is yet pretty nice. I've a matrox also  and for bigger venue a Desptop PC whit two EVGA  GTX 960  inside that provide me 8 output.

    But I need a Laptot for time , i must travel lighter!!

    The GTX 1070 MAX Q is alsa ready for VR which could help in the futur.

    Best regards