​Isadora freeze on startup (Windows 10)

  • Hi, not a user yet, but considering buying Isadora. My problem: it won't start up.

    I have a Windows 10 machine with a Sapphire R9 390 graphics card. On startup, Isadora freezes in the main project window, displaying "Cycles 999.9 FPS 99.9" in the bottom right corner. No buttons reacting, nothing i can do except close it from the task manager. Here is what I already did:

    - physically removed my second graphics card

    - updated my graphics driver to the latest version

    - verified Quicktime 7.7.9 is installed and its path added to system variables

    - uninstalled some possibly conflicting drivers.

    Nothing helped so far. There is no crash log in the Isadora crash folder, also no errors show up in the Windows event viewer. Isadora is present in my Task Manager with about 0.1% CPU and 1.0% GPU load, so it is actually doing something, I just don't know what and cannot interact with it.

    How can I find what the actual problem is and possibly fix it? I installed the same version on a Intel NUC with integrated graphics on Windows 10 and it runs just fine out of the box.

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    I just looked up your video card and don't see anything in the specs that would be a problem.

    It may be worth looking at your video card Control panel and checking if there is a section to allow switching the video card to the on board Intel graphics (done most often on laptops for power saving). Isadora needs to be setup to only use the dedicated card.

    Additionally deleting your preference file couldnt hurt. https://support.troikatronix.c...

    If you were setup in a crossfire config it might be helpful to 'undo' any settings that were made for that config since you have removed the second card. 

    Once isadora opens for you you may also want to look at the video preferences. There you can change a few settings to help optimize performance.

  • Thanks for the batch file @DusX! My onboard graphics are disabled in Bios, so only this card currently exists for the system. I never had a crossfire setup.

    I experimented a bit and found that the problem occurs as soon as there is more than one display device connected. I have a two monitor setup, so I did not notice this before. One monitor: starts fine. As soon as I connect a second monitor or projector, it freezes.

    It happens on both of my video cards, so I assume it is a problem of initiating the stages to the connected displays. If I set all stages to "none" in the preferences I can start up with 2 displays. If I then try to set stage 1 to the second display in Isadora I experience a regular crash. The crashdump references a lot of video related dlls and says that "the thread tried to read from or write to a virtual address without having the necessary access rights".

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