• Hi,

    I am trying to get isadora to communicate with an enttec pro mk2. The enttec is recognised by the dmx pro manager and I can control lights through that app. I downloaded this patch to try and get izzy to talk to the enttec (attached). All I get when I open it is a dialogue box that tells me there is a problem activating the enttec and then when I open the serial port set up that it is offline. It obviously 'sees' the enttec but is not communicating for whatever reason. - have attached screenshots of my error messages.

    I have scoured the forum for clues but think I need some generous soul to walk me through it.

    I am on windows desktop running Isadora v2.6.1

    thanks in advance


  • Tech Staff

    @tim_f the screenshots and Isadora file are missing.

    Can you try testing my Enttec user actor? http://dusxproductions.com/blo...

  • Have you closed the DMXPro Manager before opening Isadora? 

  • @dusx I don't get an error message when I set up your patch but I also don't get any communication with the enttec. I have made sure that the manager pro is turned off first. 

    Underneath are the images that got missed from the last post and here is the file I was using that got the errors. Enttec Lanbox MATRIX.izz


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    isnt that speed to high ? I never had issues with Enttec dmx usb pro and Izzy. Are you sure your drivers are up to date and that you are using ftdi ?

    Are other programs working with the enttec ?

  • Tech Staff

    Yes.  It seems the problem is with connecting to the device. As suggested a lower connection speed may be required (I would try 56k).

  • Alright got it up and working. Indeed it was a speed problem.

    Thanks for helping out, I am a complete novice at using DMX with izzy but am very much looking forward to our next show and controlling everything from one place!cheers


  • Tech Staff

    one tip. Throttle back the transfer speed. Sending the dmx too fast can negatively affect patch performance.